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Outdoor Briefing - MAC Launch VI.

Astronaut Training

Mission Elapsed Time
Astronaut Training
Astronauts train very carefully to prepare for their journey to space. Training is also important at Space Camp. No mission begins until each team member understands the various aspects of a shuttle mission.
History of Space Flight
How are we able to go into space? Well, it involves a few people. Hundreds of thousands, in fact. That's a lot of jobs. Each person focuses on a tiny piece of the puzzle. We work as a team and all of the pieces come together. This is how the impossible becomes possible.

Think history is boring? Not at Space Camp. For every fact, there's a gadget. We visit a museum and a rocket park and they are full of actual NASA space artifacts. Watch "images" section for all the cool stuff.
Simulating Movement in Space.
Gravity! You know how you feel when you fall and scuff your knee, or spill a beverage, or drop something and it breaks. Well, in space you begin to realize how gravity is also your friend. Without it, it's a challenge to just move around. The simulators at Space Camp help us figure this out.

Click here to learn about the simulators.