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Space Lab instrument panel - Space Academy, MAC Launch 6.


Where in the, um, World?
Space Camp is in Alabama. That's where we are. Suppose, however, that we are really in outer space. Perhaps exploring another planet. How would people on Earth know what it is like? One way is to send and receive signals (messages) through space...we'll call it telemetry.

That's what this page is for, to provide a way for students in class or at home to communicate with students at Space Camp.

Here's how it works:

A few of our explorers have volunteered to receive questions and beam the answers back home. They are listed below. Click on an email link and send the question. Look for your question (and the answer) on your explorer's signal page. A response usually takes about one of the Earth's rotation cycles.

Also, check out our new graffiti board.
Click here for the graffiti.
Presidential Fitness Update
Some campers are tracking their exercise time in hopes of earning the Presidential Fitness Award. They are measuring their steps using pedometers.

Current data (in steps from noon until 9:00, 28 April 2003)
Adult - 14747
Student - 19,742