Multi-Axis Trainer (MAT)
The Multi-Axis Trainer simulates the disorientation one would feel in a tumble spin during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The MAT is patterned after the MASTIF ( Multiple-Axis Spin/Space Test Inertia Facility), a series of cages within cages, used for astronaut training during the Mercury program. The astronauts used this to condition themselves for disorientation that might occur in emergency conditions during flight.

The MASTIF had a joystick which allowed the astronaut to control the device. The MAT has no joystick.

COOL FACT 1: The joystick on the MAT in the movie “SPACE CAMP” was a prop.

COOL FACT 2: Because the trainee’s stomach will stay centered, the trainee shouldn’t feel nauseous. Also, the MAT shouldn’t spin more that twice in a row in the same direction, so the trainee’s inner ear fluid won’t shift, and she shouldn’t feel dizzy.

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