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Allie Jo Earns Her Wings - She Will Pilot Endeavor on Hyperion Team's Alpha Mission.

Daily Briefings

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23 March 2005 - MAC Launch Movie Clips.
Video transmissions from Space Camp!

Click here for the movies.
22 March 2005 - Graffiti Board is Live.
We've caught up with some campers who wish to share there thoughts.

Click here for the graffiti.
21 March 2005 - We Made It!

Click on the "images" button in the main menu to view daily photographs. You may also use the following link. Check for new links daily. Chaperone photos are posted as they become available.

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Simulators Explained
You've seen the pictures of campers on simulators, but what does it all mean? Thanks to Betsy, now you can read about them. We've added a section on simulators to the training page. Here's a direct link:

Click here to learn about the simulators.

19 March 2005 - General Site Information
The navigation of this site is organized in a way that allows viewers to follow the experiences of MAC Launch participants at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.