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Charon Team Experiences Simulated Lunar Gravity.


Mission Elapsed Time
Day 1 - Saturday
Airports, Airplanes, Baggage and Busses.

Quote of the Day:

"Busses don't fly, Grace."
~ Andy, after asked in Atlanta if we're riding on a bus.
(fatique sets in)

Saturday 1
Saturday 2
Day 2 - Sunday
Breakfast, Rocket Park, and Team Assignment.
Camp officially begins at 2:30.

Sunday 1
Sunday 2

Day 3 - Monday
Campers settled in, simulator training begins.

Quote of the Day:

"Six hours of sleep, max!"
~ Macaulay, on habitat chatter.

Monday 1
Monday 2

Day 4 - Tuesday
Missions begin. Campers' training is put to the test.

Tuesday 1
Tuesday 2
Day 5 - Wednesday
Rocket Launches, more mission training.

Quote of the Day:
"Houston, we have problem... [no you don't]"
"Houston, we have problem... [no you don't]"
"Houston, we have problem..."
"[Oh yah, you've got a big problem]"

~ Jessie (Endeavor crew member)
and CAPCOM (Mission Control)

Wednesday 1
Wednesday 2
Wednesday 3
Wednesday 4
Day 6 - Thursday
Missions, more rocket launches.

Thursday 1
Thursday 2
Day 7 - Friday

Friday 1

Graduation and Rocket Park.