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Graffiti Board

Mission Elapsed Time

Hi Minnesota!

- Rose

Space Academy is really fun and I am learning a lot.
I miss you Mom and Tim!

- Maddy

Space Camp is cool and fun!

- Karlen, AKA Teddy

Mighty Mouse was here.

- Madeleine

Squeaky Rat!

- Grace

Kristen is the coolest teacher ever!

- ???

This is for all the scared parents who miss their kids:
We are fine and having a BLAST!!!

- Sammie

Spoons Jump.

- Corwin

Hey hey! What's up in Minneapolis? We have the best counselor ever! LINGO!! We are havin lots of fun here playing captains coming and going on the Space Shot! See ya soon!

- Naomi

Yo yoyo wat in the hizzou my yo Bro? Giggles is on the loose. Yahoo!

- Giggles (AKA Gail!)

Space Camp is so much fun!

- Lauren and Deena

I can't wait for home-made meals!

- Mac

It needs rain here.

- Ella