Greetings from Huntsville, Alabama!

We made it. All is well. Campers are settling in. The travel website is functional and the gallery is up. Check back here in the Briefings section for daily highlights.


Team Power.

We have two teams, Andromeda (Space Camp) and Luna (Space Academy).

The trainees have met their day and night crew trainers and will get their Alpha Mission assignments today. The food? Catfish for lunch, Indian for dinner. Both teams logged time on simulators: campers on the MAT, Academy, the 1/6 gravity trainer. 

For more information on the simulators, click on ‘More Info.'

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“No sleep for the Finley."

— Finley, ready to go, no doubt.


Missions and Area 51.

Tuesday was a big day. Both teams put their mission training to the test during their Alpha Missions. Luna visited Area 51 and Andromeda launched rockets. A day with activities outside provides a break from the mechanical sounds of the mission floor, and the din of countless trainees from other teams.

There are 238 photos posted online from Tuesday and Peter has hundreds more from the week so far. We split up in order to capture simulataneous events. So stay tuned.

For more information on the missions and Area 51, click on ‘More Info.'

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“I’m CAPCOM and I talk to Astronauts in the Orion Capsule"

— Charlie, describing his Alpha Mission Assignment.


Bravo Missions.

Sunny, Espen and Oliver on the space station. Mission specialists conduct experiments in microgravity to learn how things behave in an evironment vastly different from their normal ones. 

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“My first name is Flight, my last name is Director, you may call me Flight."

— Alice, on communication protocol.


Underwater Astronaut Trainer (UAT).

Both teams successfully completed their UAT objective. They had to build structures in the water and deploy them to the deck with them falling apart.

For more information on the UAT, click on ‘More Info.'

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Graduations and the Right Stuff award.

We did it. Missions accomplished. Our teams worked together wonderfully. An individual award goes to Josephine.

Josephine was selected as the recipient of the "Right Stuff" award. Right Stuff is presented to trainees who have displayed the characteristics of the United States space explorers.

“We look for qualities such as leadership, sound decision making, and the seeking and sharing of knowledge. Right stuff award recipients are young adults who have demonstrated that they are preparing today to be the space explorers of tomorrow.”

Way to go Josephine!