Reach for the Stars ML XX

Daily Briefings.

Daily Briefings is an attempt to clarify the experience of our students’ mission, and to provide insight to what is seen in the gallery.



Team Hydra trains in the Underwater Astronaut Trainer (UAT).

The Underwater Astronaut Trainer (UAT) is an evironment that is neutrally buoyant, simulating the experience of weightlessness in space. Team Hydra was tasked with conveying a ball across the surface without touching the water.



Students participate in two simulated missions during the week.

Our campers perform missions. Training for them is all about preparing for an environment that requires absolute teamwork. There is a process or procedure for each stage of the mission. Everything is scripted and rehearsed.

The students take their roles seriously because they know that each job is very important. Anything could (and often does) happen. In those moments, and in the post-mission debriefings, they realize exactly how vital training and team work can be.


Area 51

Jamila participates in teambuilding activities at Area 51.

Area 51 is an experience designed to boost morale, strengthen teams, motivate and inspire.

Focus and cooperation are critical. Tasks often require several attempts. It becomes even more challenging when instructors introduce additional constraints.



Yesaike checks out Earth.

“I sold it for five dollars.” — Isaak, responding to why he gave up a choice upper corner bunk.

Greetings from Huntsville, Alabama!

The first day of travel has not much to do with space at all. It's about brave young souls setting out on a journey into the unknown, alone, together. Trying to capture this never gets old.

Several first time fliers. It was a bumpy flight most of the way, and the landing in Huntsville was as Peter described “the squirrelliest ever.”