Mission Highlights

Isabella and Andy Awarded Top Honors!

Congratulations to Isabella from the Armstrong team. Isabella was selected as the recipient of the "Right Stuff" award. Right Stuff is presented to trainees who have displayed the characteristics of the United States space explorers.

"We look for qualities such as leadership, sound decision making, and the seeking and sharing of knowledge. Right stuff award recipients are young adults who have demonstrated that they are preparing today to be the space explorers of tomorrow."

Way to go Isabella!

Congratulations to Andy from the Orville team. Andy was named "Top Gun." Top Gun is a single elimination competition. The students on each team fly against each other to come up with one team member Top Gun. Each team Top Gun will then fly against the winners of the other teams to come up with our overall Top Gun winner. Congratulations Andy!

Other team awards include:

Thursday Highlights

The missions are over and the teams settle into the final leg of their journey. The counselors lead them through the entire space and rocket center as they make entries to their Mission Journals. Both cathartic and contemplative, they reflect on their experiences together. They call it team time.

Wednesday Highlights

What would it take to live and work in space or on another planet? Are our organizational and teaming skills sufficiently developed to meet such a challenge? What on Earth do we take for granted that may not be available or relevant elsewhere?

Wednesday's activities were designed to address these questions. Difficult tasks force us to challenge our assumptions, or even help us to see and acknowledge them.

Tuesday Highlights

Tuesday was about missions. It was about preparing for an environment that requires absolute teamwork. There is a process or procedure for each stage of the mission. Everything is scripted and rehearsed.

This rigid context forms a baseline from which our young friends perform their assigned roles. Anything could (and often does) happen. In those moments, and in the post-mission debriefings, they realize exactly how vital training and team work can be.

Monday Highlights

The campers had their first full day of training yesterday. All three teams have logged time on simulators. By now they have all received their first mission assignments.

All of the chaperones are taking photos and it will take a little more coordination to collect them for posting on the web site. You may see some redundancy or even temporary gaps, but keep checking back.

Look for the camper video reports. When possible, we turn them loose with a video camera.

Greetings from Huntsville, Alabama!

Your children, students and friends are in the good hands of the U. S. Space and Rocket Center. The Space Camp students are on the Armstrong and Bean teams. The four Space Academy students are on the Orville team.

This page is the launching point for following our campers' experience at Space Camp. We'll make notes about their activities and post them nightly. Note the link to the images. You'll see hundred of photographs, and movies too!