MAC Launch DVD

About the Images

I have received several messages and comments regarding the photos. Thank you for your kind words.
Many people have requested larger images for scrapbooks and journals. We're working on a plan to make this happen.

The pictures on the web site were reduced to a size appropriate for the internet. The source photos are all high-resolution digital images. Because of the file sizes, a DVD is perhaps the best medium for distribution.

The current plan is to copy the MAC Launch Site to the DVD as a self-contained interactive overview of the year. A DVD should have enough storage capacity to also hold the source images at full resolution and video clips from the trip.

How soon will this happen? Well, I'm currently updating the MAC Launch site to include images from the rest of the year. We also have the Day at a Launches on June 3rd. My recommendation is to finish documenting the year's events and then burn the DVDs.

Call for Entries

I would also like to extend another invitation. It's an opportunity for each camper to share his or her MAC Launch experience. If you choose to participate, we'll publish your work on the web site and MAC Launch DVD. Here are some ideas:

Trainee Report. Describe your experience with MAC Launch or Space Camp. Consider the following questions for ideas, or write about what was important to you about the trip. MAC Launch Poster Art or Mission Patch. There was some serious drawing done at Space Camp. We know who the artists are. Here's an opportunity for you to share that talent. Create a drawing, painting, sculpture, poem, or audio recording. Whatever you what. Pick a theme and work with it. Here some possible elements:

Use your imagination, have fun.

Email your trainee report to me at
Or, give your art work to a teacher or chaperone from the trip and we'll collect it.